Authors: Daniel Tudor Munteanu, Davide Tommaso Ferrando
Edited by Bettina Siegele
Published by
BETA Architecture Biennale
316 pages, 2 volumes
15 x 21 cm
ISBN 9786069505595

Price: 75 lei

This book documents and complements the main exhibition of the Beta 2022 Timișoara Architecture Biennial, curated by Daniel Tudor Munteanu and Davide Tommaso Ferrando.
Titled 'Another Breach in the Wall', the exhibition is dedicated to loopholes: projects and actions that are capable of generating exceptional urban spaces by questioning the laws, rules and codes according to which cities are traditionally produced and inhabited. If laws, rules and codes are the invisible walls that organize our everyday life, the object of 'Another Breach in the Wall' will be the loopholes by means of which breaches are opened through these walls, making new and unexpected paths of behavior possible. These interventions are not only performed by architects and planners, but also by designers, artists, activists, eccentrics and all who – alone or in groups – adopt a creative and critical approach to the city, transforming the way in which it is inhabited. Within this frame, the aim of 'Another Breach in the Wall' is to demonstrate how urban space (the milieu where we meet, play, debate, protest, take care of each other, collaborate and much more) can be produced by anyone who is provided with the right tools and agenda.

With texts by Daniel Tudor Munteanu, Davide Tommaso Ferrando and Giovanni Comoglio. Contributions to the texts by: A-Works (Cristian Ștefănescu); Abrupt Arhitectura; Ben Allen, James Bae, Ricardo Gomes, Shannon Harvey, Adam Michaels; Brandlhuber+ Olaf Grawert, Christopher Roth; Cristian Bădescu, Zenaida Elena Florea, Alexandru Ciobotă, Gabriel Boldiș, Laura Borotea, Olimpia Onci, Bogdan Isopescu; De Facto; Diana Marincu (Art Encounters); FAUT - Facultatea de Arhitectură și Urbanism; F O R; Grillo Vasiu; Marco Scotini; Matilde Cassani, Ignacio G. Galán, Iván L. Munuera, Joel Sanders; Stardust architects*; studioBASAR; Theo Deutinger; Viceversa; Vitamin Architects; Zeppelin, Studio Peisaj, Local Design Circle.

Each book contains a unique sheet of stamps designed by De Facto (Jorie Horsthuis and Floor Koomen). ENs.jpg