22 x 30.5 cm
248 pages

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This issue of Harvard Design Magazine treks into the woods to come to terms with its precarious status as habitat and resource, and to challenge assumptions about wood as material. We won’t be “out of the woods”—this looping conundrum—any time soon, even if the woods as we once knew it, and might still imagine it, has ceased to exist. At the intersection of wilderness, urbanization, and myth, “Into the Woods” embraces contradiction, challenges destruction, and revisits our roots, biological and architectural alike.
Table of contents:

A Cut, a Move, a Forest
Fabrizio Gallanti

Nominal Versus Actual: A History of the 2x4
Oliver J. Curtis

Distanced Authorship in the Anthropocene
Erle C. Ellis

Fallen and Felled
Robert Pogue Harrison

Fervor and a Forest from Mussolini’s Italy
Jana VanderGoot

Gaian Plumbing
Salmaan Craig

Nuclear Wood
Danielle Choi

Nurturing the Woods
Ken Tadashi Oshima

Robert Propst in the Woods
Phillip R. Denny

The Softest Power: Trees in Combat
Fionn Byrne

Elena Barthel

Woodland Kintsugi
Andrew Witt


A Cabin of Curiosity
Eelco Hooftman

Jack Halberstam

The Jungle’s Call
Dilip da Cunha

The Space between the Words
Carolyn Finney

Burning Wood, Burning Woods
Stephen Pyne

Images and Thoughts under the Trees
Teresa Moller

Into the Local Woods
Lawrence Buell

The Clearing
Maria Thereza Alves

The Divine Forest
Giorgio Agamben

The Form of Life
Alessandro Bava

The Monsters in Our Fairy-Tale Forests and How They Got There
Maria Tatar

The Tragedy of Liberal Environmentalism
Jessica Dempsey

Whose Woods These Are I Think I Know
Tuomas Toivonen

Forest, Tower, City: Rethinking the Green Machine Aesthetic
Daniel A. Barber, Erin Putalik

The Eco-City That Didn’t Exist
Japhy Wilson

Agonistic Ecologies
Daniel Ibañez

Detroit, a Forested History
Jonah Susskind

Gaming the Environment: On the Media Ecology of Public Studio
T. J. Demos

Inciting the Cold War: Berlin’s Street Trees as Firewood
Sonja Dümpelmann

Metabolizing Wood: Concrete Timber in Japan
Casey Mack

Plantation Landscapes: Palm Oil and an Ethics of Visibility
Milica Topalovic

The Art and Craft of Mass Timber
Brett Schneider

The Forest and the Cell: Notes on Mosej Ginzburg’s Green City

The Forest Community: Sovereign, Subject, Trees
Dan Handel

The Prefixes of Forestation
Rosetta S. Elkin