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Humboldt Books
17 x 24 cm
128 pages
ISBN 9788899385682

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The architecture of logistics is profoundly political. It measures, maps, and modulates the terrain through its projection of power-relations onto the topography. It creates spatial networks that are constituted through the circulation of capital and calibrated to meet the requirements for security and risk management. Such a direct translation of risk factors and economic values into a spatial configuration inevitably produces a territory that is alienated from both the natural topography and forms of labor. The book is an inquiry into the nature of changing paradigms in logistics. It aims to offer a cross-disciplinary platform for an exchange of ideas among artists, architects, historians, philosophers, engineers, and planners. We believe that it is only through cultivating a common imaginary that we will be able to know, resist, and effectively work against and from within the logistical system that shapes our lives, territories, and cities.

Neeraj Bhatia / Miles Gertler / Carola Hein / Jesse LeCavalier / Francesco Marullo / Han Meyer / Baktash Sarang Javanbakht / Giovanna Silva / Lóránt Tavasszy / Alberto Toscano / Maria Chiara Tosi / Paola Viganò / Guido Zucconi