Published by Viaindustriae
544 pages
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-88-97753-56-8

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Yes Yes Yes Revolutionary Press in Italy investigates the Italian scene of Revolutionary Press and editorial “organs” printed as news sheets, newspapers, magazines, mimeographs, pamphlets, some daily papers and magazines, other discontinuous publications including single editions printed while awaiting authorization… Sometimes the journals were a one time only supplement or attachment, ephemeral and volatile. The dynamic printing activities were linked to the political, ideological, antagonist and counter-cultural struggle of a period of protest and occupation of civil spaces, areas of freedom and social creativity. A critical selection of over 600 publications printed between 1966 and 1977 are cataloged in this book. This research is the natural continuation of the substantial publication, released in 2014 and published by the same publishers: Yes Yes Yes, Alternative press, 66-77 from Provo to Punk, curated by Emanuele De Donno and Amedeo Martegani. That first volume examined the role of European, American alternative, underground and counter-cultural press in a flourishing period: 1966-1977; this new edition focuses, on the same frame of time, on the Italian scene which extensive strategy of “connivance” and the disparate regional geography, has made it necessary, in order to thematically section the topic, to offer a wide view not only of the underground, independent and counter-cultural alternative press media but also of counter-information, ultra-radical political and ideological publications. The substantial selection of magazine collected in the prolific Italian network that also extends to the provinces was found thanks to the contributions of archives, collectors, scholars, publishers and activists from all over Italy who constitute submerged geography of the Italian counter-cultural publishing but also of a resistant and structured collecting process. These “printed media” document a research of radical culture, of authors and co-authors, promoters/artists of free and alternative culture, distributed in experimental formats.