Author: Rhea Myers
Published by Urbanomic
322 pages
19 x 25 cm
ISBN 978-1-915103-04-8

Price: 218 lei

DAO? BTC? NFT? ETH? ART? WTF? HODL as OG crypto artist, writer, and hacker Rhea Myers searches for faces in cryptographic hashes, follows a day in the life of a young shibe in the year 2032, and patiently explains why all art should be destructively uploaded to the blockchain.

Now an acknowledged pioneer whose work has graced the auction room at Sotheby’s, Myers embarked on her first art projects focusing on blockchain tech in 2011, making her one of the first artists to enter into creative, speculative and conceptual engagement with ‘the new internet’.

This anthology brings together annotated presentations of Myers’s blockchain artworks with essays, reviews, and fictions—a sustained critical encounter between the cultures and histories of the artworld and crypto-utopianism, technically accomplished but always generously demystifying and often mischievous.

Her deep understanding of the technical history and debates around blockchain technology is complemented by a broader sense of the crypto movement and the artistic and political sensibilities that accompanied its ascendancy.

Remodelling the tropes of conceptual art and net art to explore what blockchain technology reveals about our concepts of value, culture and currency, Myers’s work has become required viewing for anyone interested in the future of art, consensus, law, and collectivity.


‘Hurt Me! No, Not Like That!’: A Conversation with Rhea Myers Maya B. Kronic

Excerpt From a Recounting of an Adventure by Baron Munchausen (2008); Open Source Art Again, Again (2008); Data-Driven Artists and Their Critics (2013); The Proletarianisation of Art Criticism (2013); Computers and Capital: The Rise of Digital Currency (2014); Artworld Ethereum (2014); Ethereum Art Market (2014); Crypto Sigils (2014); My Little Penny, Bitcoin is Magick (2014); Fear of Smart Contracts (2014); Bad Shibe (Uncut Version) (2014); (Conceptual) Art, Cryptocurrency, and Beyond (2014); The ABC of Accelerationist Blockchain Critique (2014); Vampire Digital Art (2014); Agoric Aesthetics and Philosophy (2014); Ethereum Standardised Art Contract API (2015); Ethereum Art Ecosystem (2015); DAOWO: DAO It With Others (2015); Crypto 2.0 and DAWCs: Dawn of Decentralised Autonomous Workers’ Councils (2015); Plantoid: The Blockchain- Based Art that Makes Itself (2015); Art for Algorithms (2015); Geneses (2016); Artworks and Curation on the Blockchain (2016); TCT-1 (P′′) Turing Complete Tarot One (2017); You Can’t Hodl This Holdhus (2017); Tokenisation and Its Discontents (2017); Blockchain Poetics (2017); Artists Re: Thinking the Blockchain: Initial Book Offering Slides (2017); Blockchain Geometries (2018); The Large Glass, Burned (2018); ‘Code Is Law’ Shall Be the Whole of the Law (2019); Three Times Three Modes of Blockchain Art (2019); The Hunt for the One True Chain (2019); Aesthetic Comparison Games (2020); AI Art, Ownership, Blockchain (2020); Tokenized Vickrey Aesthetics (2020); Hash Gematria (2020); WART—Wrapped Art (2020); From WART to DeAes (2020); Intensive and Extensive Aesthetic Property Token Composition (2020); Why Bitcoin Is Money According to MarX (2020); Essay on Essays on Art & Language (2020); Upgrade Art Now! (2021); Welcome to the Dessert of the Real: On Certain Developments in the Content of NFT Art (2021); Blockchain Temporalities (2021); Recanting Quasiproperty (2021); For an Art of Pure Price (2021); Maximum Transaction Density (2021); A Thousand Layers/Being and Timestamp/Can What Is Hodling You Make It To Layer 2? (2021); Bridall Day (2021); Horses (Worldbuilding Tweets) (2021); Necronomicon (2021); Ubu Onchain, ou les maximalistes (2021); First Notebook Entries on Blockchain Art (2021)

The World’s First Bitcoin Artist (2011); Hot Cold (2014); Is Art (2014, 2016/2017); Art Is (2014, 2017); MYSOUL (2014); Dogecode (2014); Facecoin (2014); Monkeycoin (2014); Proof of Existence (2014); Blank Canvas (2016); The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto: TORCHED H34R7S aka 1Flamen6 (2015); Blockchain Aesthetics (2014–2015, 2019); Critical Coins (2015); Simple Blockchain Art Diagram (after MTAA) (2017); Democratic Palette (2016); Lottery Symbol (2017); DEMODAY (2017); Art Coins (Coloured) (2015/2017); SchellingFlags (2018); Secret Artwork (2018); Local Maxima (2019); Tokens Equal Text (2019); Staking Ratio (2019); Token Grid (2019); Proof of Work Bitmap (2019); Pay Previous Path (2019); Hack Line Properties (2019); Certificate of Inauthenticity (2020); Shared Secret (2020); 1 Doge = 1 Doge (2021);