Author: Gabriel Catren
Published by Urbanomic
526 pages
14 x 21 cm
ISBN 978-1-7336281-4-3

Price: 182 lei

The great poets and thinkers of modernity described a situation we still inhabit today: the catastrophic undermining of all foundations, the disorienting relativisation of all reference points, the prospect of abandonment to chance and contingency alone—the shipwreck of Mallarmé’s Coup de dés.

In this precise and poetic work of philosophy, Gabriel Catren sketches out a new ‘phenoumenodelic’ solution to this momentous ungrounding, defiiantly refusing both unrestrained contingency and aribitrary refoundation. Mobilising a formidable knowledge of all the major currents of modern thought, deftly articulating Kantian transcendentalism and Spinozan immanentism, phenomenological reduction and scientific realism, Pleromatica argues that the projects oriented by the infinite ideas of reason (Truth, Beauty, Justice, Love) need not be abandoned in the face of the ‘exquisite crisis’ of modernity. Instead, the ‘shipwreck’ is to be understood as a suspension of finite subjectivity in the fullness of a ‘phenoumenodelic pleroma’, an atonal milieu ringing with unheard-of possibilities.

Announcing an ambitious programme for the renewal of transcendental philosophy, in Pleromatica Catren recomposes the primary elements of modern thought into a startling new configuration, introducing a vivid constellation of new concepts with which to map out and navigate the vast space of this ‘worldless daydream’.