Edited by Isabelle Graw
Published by Texted zur Kunst
23 x 17 cm
English / German

Price: 74 lei

Art and fashion have always been interrelated. And it’s due to fashion’s ability to quickly capture social shifts that the art world has repeatedly turned to it. But as Texte zur Kunst No. 102 proposes, it is fashion’s protagonists, recently, that have been markedly drawing on art conceptual practices (e.g., parasitism, collective authorship, détournement, and forms of institutional critique) as they push back against the pressures of a hyper-accelerated fashion market. In this issue, TzK examines, also, how the industry’s current volume is a product of its late-'00s promise of online democratization; the changing function of such long-held value designations as “luxury,” “discount,” and “underground,” and the role of “real”-er bodies in a climate wherein models are preferably “nodels” or “othered” bodies, hyper-individualised to stand out in the stream.