SOLUTION 295-304

Authors: Ingo Niermann,
Marah J. Hartd, Eduardo Navarro
Published by Sternberg Press
208 pages
11 x 18 cm
ISBN 978-3-95679-522-0

Price: 76 lei

It was the concept of the ocean as a global commons, free for everyone—first formulated by Hugo Grotius in his 1609 treatise, Mare Liberum—that stimulated a free global market. Today, the free market and the free ocean both suffer from rigorous, exploitive use. A new concept of how to relate to the ocean could transform the global economy and global politics. Solution 295–304: Mare Amoris proposes new practical, technological, and metaphysical scenarios of how to fall in love with the sea, and, eventually, have the sea fall in love with us.