Edited by Jack Self
Published by The Real Foundation

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What does it mean to live today?

Contributions by: Juergen Teller, Vilém Flusser, Leon Batchelor, Phin Harper, Nina Power, Metahaven, Nick Roberts, Jack Self, Louise Benson, Dele Adeyemo, Max Turnheim, Max Creasy, Anna Minton, Matthew Soules, Jack Self, Amelia Stein, Liam Denhamer, Ai Weiwei, Thomas Brown, Rory McGrath

We live in extremely uncertain times. Our faith in the future is increasingly tested. Far from being a hopeful, utopian domain, the future now seems doubtful. But what does it mean to doubt today?

Societal levels of anxiety are rising. Insecurity is now a generalised condition. Concern that civilisation itself is on the brink of some cataclysmic change is ubiquitous. And yet, doubting doubt – through the scientific method, imperial evidence and systemic thought – has not only created modernity, but offers the only hope to our worry.


Did you ever doubt yourself? We interview photographer JUERGEN TELLER on persona and confidence. Philosopher VILEM FLUSSER reviews doubting doubt. LEON BATCHELOR reviews the IKEA catalogue and its ethical propositions. DELE ADEYEMO reviews resilience strategies, systemic racism and social injustice. MAX TURNHEIM reviews FONDATION CARTIER and 20th-century glass, with photography by MAX CREASY. ANNA MINTON reviews London’s spatial politics. Also in the issue: PHIN HARPER reviews the architectural competition, exploitation and ego. Meanwhile, NINA POWER reviews the philosophy of uncertainty, and METAHAVEN review the current trend in post-Soviet dystopian subcultures. NICK ROBERTS reviews a house that can’t ever be completed and LOUISE BENSON reviews opium. JACK SELF reviews the meaning of luxury and time confetti. MATTHEW SOULES reviews Vancouver’s property monsters and the morality of one-for-one real estate. AMELIA STEIN reviews primitive technology, LIAM DENHAMER reviews if Brexit means Brexit. AI WAI WAI reviews the life of LIU XIAOBO.