Edited by Tanja Herdt
Published by Nanni Baltzer,
Martino Stierli
144 pages
16 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-3-03860-022-0

Price: 184 lei

At some point before publication, a book assumes its final form, the form in which it is experienced by its audience. Naturally, this audience is often oblivious to the many sometimes complex decisions involved in constructing visual meaning through the montage of different ideas and elements. But, although these deliberate decisions are not normally communicated to the audience, the book is always to some extent a conception, or mediated presentation.

The contributors to Before Publication consider the construction of visual meaning through montage, with each essay taking as its starting point a particular artifact—from Ed Ruscha’s photobook Every Building on the Sunset Strip to works by Sergei Eisenstein, Muriel Cooper, and Marshall McLuhan to Tristan Tzara’s unpublished Dadaglobe anthology. A common theme threading throughout the texts is the relationship between privacy and publicity. A concise introduction by the book’s editors, Nanni Baltzer and Martino Stierli, places the eight exemplary artifacts in context and discusses the broader subject of montage in art, architecture, and book design.

With essays by Richard Anderson, Doris Berger, Reto Geiser, Jason E. Hill, Olivier Lugon, Antonio Somaini, Adrian Sudhalter, and Robert Wiesenberger and an introduction by Nanni Baltzer and Martino Stierli.