Edited by Mathieu Copeland, Lore Gablier
Published by Mathieu Copeland editions
English / French
ISBN 978-2-84066-815-2

Price: 140 lei

The book, The Exhibition of a Film, follows an eponymous exhibition that includes the work by forty-six international artists, and begun with a question: What would an exhibition be like if we changed the environment from the gallery, museum, or Kunsthalle, to that of the cinema? “The Exhibition of a Film”, an exhibition for a context, namely a film screened in a cinema and constrained by the properties particular to that social environment, is, at one and the same time, a film exhibited, a film of an exhibition and a filmed exhibition.

Expanding on the issues raised through the exhibition, the books is articulated through a series of interviews, commissioned text and reprints that examine the relationship between the exhibition and film: their temporalities, their space, their mode of production.

Contributions by Mac Adams, Chantal Akerman, Fia Backström, Darren Banks, Eva Barto, François Bovier, Olivier Castel, Philippe Decrauzat, Peter Downsbrough, Tim Etchells, Morgan Fisher, Liam Gillick, John Giorno, Lore Gablier, Philippe Grandrieux, Joanna Hogg, Isidore Isou, Christian Lebrat, Anne Marquez, Charles de Meaux, Claudia Mesch, Philippe-Alain Michaud, Meredith Monk, Charlotte Moth, Mai-Thu Perret, Lee Ranaldo, Denis Savary, Laurent Schmid, Leah Singer, Susan Stenger, Phoebe Unwin, Andrew V. Uroskie, Ben Vautier, Alan Vega, Jacques Villeglé, Lawrence Weiner, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Ian White.