Author: Maria Fusco
Edited by Jeff Khonsary
Published by New Documents
December 2017
152 pages, 13.5 × 21 cm
Cloth Bound
ISBN 978-1-927354-25-4
Print run: 700

Price: 132 lei

Give Up Art is a collection of critical writings by author Maria Fusco. Operating across fiction, criticism, and theory, Fusco’s work forges a contemporary space for critical art writing internationally. Give Up Art brings together nearly two dozen essays, reviews, and smaller pieces published between 2002 and 2017.

Maria Fusco is a Belfast-born writer based in Scotland. Her award-winning writing crosses the registers of criticism, ction, and theory. Her work has been translated into ten languages.

“If you believe as I do that truly critical writing is more than merely making arguments from comfortable and clear-cut positions, theories, histories, and philosophical systems, that criticality requires the vertiginous step into the unknown that the best art and literature make, then you should read Maria Fusco.” (Saul Anton)

“After a book like this, most nonfiction seems curiously unaware of what writing can be.” (James Elkins)

“Here’s how, with unswerving élan, you stash close-and-personal looking, precisely angular phrasing, and, not infrequently, coiled wit under the cover of “art writing”—or, no, here’s how, in nonpareil fashion, you construe the category doubly: writing about art, writing as art.” (Martin Herbert)

“Maria Fusco’s verbs quiver. Some call this art. Whether white cube or popular, deadpan or slapstick, Fusco’s scintillating mobility invites us to savour a new kind of critical empathy.” (Lisa Robertson)