Edited by Aria Spinelli
Published by NERO
152 pages
11 x 17 cm
ISBN 978-88-8056-088-3

Price: 60 lei

“We all need means of supplementing our natural capabilities, since nature is indifferent, inhuman (extra-human), and inclement; we are born naked and with insufficient armour.” – Le Corbusier

Once confined to the narrow circle of “medicalizing” practices, the prosthesis finally colonized our imagination thanks to the promise of an “augmented body” capable of undermining traditional dichotomies such as artificial vs. natural and organic vs. non-organic. But what are their speculative, theoretical and political repercussions? In this selection of original papers, the authors of Insufficient Armour reflect on the subject from their own peculiar perspectives, each of them contributing essays, political-philosophical analysis and theory fiction experiments.

The book, edited by NERO and Giorgio Di Salvo and designed by Tommaso Garner collects texts and contributions by Luigi Alberto Cippini, Matt Colquhoun, Helen Hester and Simon Sellars.