Edited by Eugeni Bonet
Published by Mousse Publishing
312 pages, 21 x 15,5 cm
ISBN 9788867492831

Price: 112 lei

With texts by Stephen Beck, AA Bronson, Peter Campus, Peter d’Agostino, Douglas Davis, Jon Dovey, Juan Downey, Jean-Paul Fargier, Hermine Freed, Frank Gillette, David Hall, Takahiko Iimura, Les Levine, Mary Lucier, Muntadas, Nam June Paik, Ulrike Rosenbach, Martha Rosler, Paul Ryan, Francesc Torres, Woody Vasulka & Scott Nygren, Bill Viola, and Peter Weibel

Writings by artists have always played a crucial role in art theory. For the practitioners, they are a way to illustrate and explain their own ideas around their trajectory and working methods, identify trends they feel close to, articulate a broader reflection on a given medium, and perhaps challenge preconceived ideas. Just as film theory has incorporated essays, manifestos, and other written thoughts by filmmakers into a body of work that also includes the voices of critics studying the “new cinematic object,” this publication gathers together a number of artists’ writings—which were previously scattered in different publications—in order to revisit and reevaluate the early days of video art (up to 1990, a not entirely arbitrary time span). It adds a critical layer to LOOP Barcelona’s 15th edition, Winding the Clock Back: A Contemporary Archaeology of Video.