Edited by Valentina Gensini,
Anna Triandafillydo
Published by
Mousse Publishing
160 pages
14.5 x 22 cm
ISBN 978 88 6749 356 2

Price: 154 lei

Texts by Veronica Caciolli, Jasper Chalcraft, Nick Dines, Livia Dubon Bohlig, Daria Filardo, Valentina Gensini, Matteo Innocenti, Jeremie Molho, Monica Sassatelli, Justin Randolph Thompson and Janine Gaelle Djeudi, Anna Triandafyllidou.

“Points of view from different continents of the globe tell of the dynamics of identity in contexts that have struggled historically to find a pattern in which a land and a community can recognize themselves, to identify a codex marked by collective memory and common historical, sociological, and even psychological features. Today, this search for signs of belonging represents an experience of unprecedented urgency, taking place in an international landscape laden with appropriations, cultural influences, and hybridization that are spontaneous and not necessarily sought after, and that are perhaps due to commercial opportunism or to the unstable, fluid reality of the digital world.”—Valentina Gensini Is it still possible to speak about identity in a strongly globalized context, marked by uprooting, mobility and migration? The re-emergence of nationalism reveals a new urgency concerning the sense of belonging that contradicts existing cultural hybridization. The international seminar and exhibition cycle, held at Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea in Florence in 2018, aimed to provide insights, analysis and reflections about global identity dynamics, with particular attention to cultural production, the hybridization of languages and postcolonial narratives. The publication is a collection of the essays and lectures by the speakers who took part in this crucial artistic and cultural event.