Edited by Andrea Bellini
Published by Mousse Publishing
264 pages
Softcover, 23,8 x 29 cm
English / French
ISBN 9788867492862
Price: 150 lei

Conversatios by Sophia Al-Maria with João Laia, Yuri Ancarani with Andrea Bellini, John M. Armleder with Jeanne Graff, Karimah Ashadu with Dominic van den Boogerd, Trisha Baga with Anja Lückenkemper, Bertille Bak with Caroline Bourgeois, Hicham Berrada with Ralph Rugoff, Phoebe Boswell with Ndinda Kioko, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz with Helga Christoffersen, Wu Tsang with Pia Bolognesi & Giulio Bursi, Brian Bress with Andrew Berardini, Loulou Cherinet with Elvira Dyangani Ose, Massimo D’Anolfi & Martina Parenti with Fabrizio Polpettini, Alessio Di Zio with Andrea Bellini, Bodil Furu with Yvette Mutumba, Jenna Hasse with Fabrizio Polpettini, Emilie Jouvet with Andrea Bellini, Evangelia Kranioti with Emilie Bujès, Salomé Lamas with João Ribas, Cinthia Marcelle & Tiago Mata Machado with Graham Domke, Boris Mitić with Fabrizio Polpettini, Tracey Rose, Cally Spooner with Cecilia Alemani, Kerry Tribe with Yann Chateigné, Emily Wardill with Emilie Bujès.