Published by Montez Press
21x26 cm
32 pages
ISBN 978-3-945247-21-1

Price: 32 lei

‘It seems perverse that a beautiful and resilient woman… should identify with a "drooling sack of decomposing flesh."

The Furies are femme spirits of justice and vengeance. The sisters are monstrous, foul-smelling hags, with bats' wings, coal-black skin, and hair entwined with serpents. They carry torches, whips, and cups of venom with which to torment wrongdoers. They may also take the form of storm clouds or swarms of insects. Although the Furies seem terrifying and vengeance seeking, they should not be stigmatised for their evil. On the contrary, they represent justice and defend moral and legal order. Their names are Endless, Punishment and Jealous Rage.

There are structures in place which forbid one, or at least make unseemly, the urge to relish or luxuriate in your own defilement. It is perverse what the current government has done to the state of being young and unprivileged; dank cramped housing, the joke of the ‘living wage’, the censoring of bodies that don't conform, the price of everything. This perversity extends to the wrongdoers we entangle our intimate lives with, and our own violences toward one another.