Author: Spitzenprodukte
Published by Montez Press
188 pages
10 x 15 cm
Softcover with jacket
ISBN 978-3-945247-10-5

Price: 70 lei

YOUTH RAGE! YOUTH VIOLENCE! YOUTH ORGASMS! FEAR OF A GAY UNDERCLASS – ARMED – DANGEROUS - SICK FUCKS. Andy ‘Chubz’ Wilson is just another NEET on the street, spending his summer days sucking dick and chilling in the park, one hand on his touchscreen, the other down his pants. That is, until he meets charming left-wing journalist and cute crypto-twink Owen whilst trawling Grindr for sex. But what starts as a quick, breathless hookup ends up changing Chubz — and London — forever. Whilst Owen battles poppers-mad PM Nigel ‘Nige’ Farage, our cock-hungry comrade wages his own 'ass war', and is left wondering: just what exactly is it he’s fighting for? Socialism? Barbarism? Or just cheap kicks?

Huw Lemmey aka Spitzenprodukte is a writer. His work has appeared in the Guardian, L'Uomo Vogue, Dazed, Even Magazine and The White Review.