by Gabriel Barbu, Iosif Abaab &
Patricia Nahorniac

1 folded sheet in PVC sleeve
15 x 15 cm (folded)
30 x 45 cm (unfolded)
Digital print on 90gsm coated paper,
gloss varnish
Edition of 15 + 5AP

Price: 90 lei

TURBO Calendar displays an intuitive experience - the more it is being unfolded, the more months are revealed.
The design showcases a metamorphosis of elements changing from one month to another, setting the mood for each season. Graphical elements outline the frame of the calendar, and small illustrations in the corner of each month inform about the characteristics of the season - snowflakes, flowers, sun and raindrops.
It’s specificity is given by the fact that, unlike other calendars that span over the course of one year, this calendar spans over the course of every year that has the same days as 2019 - past or present. It thus becomes an object to come back to over the years - a calendar for a lifetime.
TURBO BINGO is a newly initiated collective represented by an experimental collaboration between Gabriel Barbu, Iosif Abaab and Patricia Nahorniac, working within the fields of graphic design, 3D animation/CGI and textile design and research.