Published by
Sonic Acts Press
320 pages
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 9789082321654

Price: 105 lei

Sonic Acts celebrated its 25-year history with this publication dedicated to the topic Hereafter. It is as much a speculative position as a reality check and an urgent call to rethink and act on the significant problems we are facing today. With this ‘we’, we are addressing an inclusive and generous community with shared values and which explores possibilities for new models of working and living together. We need to be looking at the bigger picture – the global crisis, from climate change to neo-fascism, unfolding in all directions – and trying to figure out what might, could, or should happen in the hereafter. Therefore, we have invited over 120 artists and theorists to share their visions and thoughts on the possibilities for survival beyond this neoliberal catastrophe. The full scope of issues discussed during the festival – which took place from the start of February until early March 2019 – is very much represented and palpable in the tone of this year’s festival publication, or ‘the reader’, a coalescing of contributions from the festival’s conference speakers, performers, filmmakers, and other participants.

Hereafter includes many exciting contributions from researchers and artists, including an Introduction of the theme, essays on the anamorphic politics of climate, fascist banalities, the coloniality of the algorithm, tongue twister, a social imaginary of microorganisms, toxicity and survivance, accidental geopoetics; and interviews with Jacques Rancière and Jennifer Walsh; a reflection on the past 25 years of Sonic Acts; and a list of participating artists from throughout the years.