Author: Elena Reygadas
Published by
Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite
352 pages
21.5 x 27.5 cm
ISBN 9783964360014

Price: 194 lei

Rosetta is one of the most popular restaurants in Mexico City. Since its doors first opened in 2010, it has reinvented what a Mexican restaurant can be: through sincere, ingredient-based cuisine that both revives and challenges tradition; through its commitment to serving local and seasonal produce grown by small-scale, sustainable producers; and through its location and attention to detail, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

The first book by Elena Reygadas, chef and owner of Rosetta, is more than a cookbook. For one thing, she shares a selection of her recipes from the present and the past. But she also offers a series of reflections on many different topics: from the social and environmental impact of industrialized food, to personal recollections, to the history of little-known Mexican ingredients.

With Rosetta, Elena Reygadas proves why she is one of the most compelling chefs in Mexico—as acknowledged in 2014, when she was named Latin America’s Best Female Chef—and reveals herself as a gifted writer with a sensibility that goes beyond cooking.

“This book instantly brought me back to Rosetta, where I was served the most beautiful meal made from seasonal, sustainable ingredients. Beyond the vibrant and delicious recipes Elena presents in this book, she also shows us how she thinks of a meal. It is not just about the food, it is about awakening all the senses—which is something I’ve always strived to do, too. The setting of the tables, the music, the flowers—all of it comes alive in Elena’s hands, and makes you feel like you are invited and welcomed into her home.”
— Alice Waters, owner of Chez Pannise and founder of the Edible Schoolyard Project

“Rosetta, Elena Reyadas’ beautiful cookbook, makes me want to fly down to Mexico City where I first sampled the delicious offerings from her restaurant and bakery. The photographs will entice you and your lucky guests will realize Mexican cuisines is one of the world’s finest. I may not have the time to fly south of the border very often, but I’ll be reliving my lovely vacations there whenever I open Rosetta.”
— Nancy Silverton, chef and owner of Mozza Restaurant Group and founder of La Brea Bakery