Edited by Jo-Lene Ong,
Rachael Rakes
Published by De Appel /
Name Publications
236 pages
16 x 21 cm
ISBN 9780997494068

Price: 98 lei

Practice Space emerges out of an effort to better understand the conditions of contemporary art in disparate places. Featuring all new writing in a variety of discursive forms, among them commissioned essays, conversations, and profiles, the volume constellates perspectives and approaches to “the local” from a number of art initiatives that operate outside of conventional institutional frameworks. The book is organized around three key terms—“Local Time,” “Situated Infrastructure,” and “Cotranslations”—each of which serves to underscore a crucial element in thinking non- or para-institutionally. As the authors in this volume consider place and context in terms of social, economic, political, and historical circumstances, their writings also reflect upon these notions as sites for different conceptions of the self in relation to the world. At stake within these texts are questions of registering a global visibility and forging international communions. By looking for different conceptions of “the local,” Practice Space hopes to provide possibilities for helping shape an art world that supports all that is small, strange, practical, and nurturing. Newly commissioned essays by Mirene Arsanios, Zoe Crook, Sofía Dourron, Patrick Flores, Emmanuel Iduma, Victoria Ivanova, Aude Christel Mgba, Gean Moreno, farid rakun, Julia Sarisetiati, Ane Tonga, Abhijan Toto, and Natalia Zuluaga among others.