Editors: Alina Şerban,
Ştefania Ferchedău
Published by
Institute of the Present
36 pages
15 x 23 cm
ISBN 978‑606‑94536‑7‑4

Price: 28 lei

Born in 1924 in Piatra Neamţ, Miriam Răducanu is considered one of the most influential Romanian artists, dancers and choreographers. Her choreographies fundamentally reshaped the vocabulary of contemporary dance in Romania by exploring the essentialisation of movement, the vivid and unsubordinated interconnection between different arts, thus leading towards an expanding of the notion of dance as a space for syncretism and dialogue between dancers, musicians, poets, actors. By using working principles originating in the German expressionism, to which multiple sources from the Romanian folklore, literature and theatre were added, her performative structures reintegrated classical music or jazz in a groundbreaking manner. In 1968, she initiated the series of events known as the Nocturnes, hosted by the Ţăndărică Theatre in Bucharest. Pieces created in the framework of the Nocturnes were toured internationally in Beirut, Edinburgh, Rome, Santiago de Chile, Brussels, Berlin, Cologne (1969–1977). Miriam Răducanu also played an important role in the rediscovery of the corporality of the actor on stage, through her contributions in the field of theatre. Mentor and teacher of many generations of dancers, Miriam Răducanu left her mark on choreographic pedagogy, teaching mostly at the “Floria Capsali” High School Choreography in Bucharest.

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