Editor: Anouchka Grose
Published by
Notting Hill Editions
168 pages
12 x 19 cm
ISBN 9781912559497

Price: 104 lei

‘Fashion has become desperately uncool. But into this new space we’re seeing a flood of upcycling, the use of reclaimed deadstock and an army of widely divergent bodies and faces. Is that enough to save fashion from the obsolescence it probably deserves?’

From the court of Louis XIV to TikTok’s Avant apocalypse, psychoanalyst and clothes lover Anouchka Grose takes an unexpected look at fashion to unpick the hold it has on so many of us. But rather than insisting we give up on the thrills that fashion has to offer, Grose outlines a radically new approach to the way we represent ourselves and looks forward to a future where our clothes treat us – not to mention the planet – more kindly.

‘Spirited, serious, and funny all at once.’ Clare Farrell, fashion designer and founder of Extinction Rebellion.