Edited by Cloé Pitiot
Published by HYX Editions
English / French
64 pages
24 × 32 cm
ISBN 978-2-37382-007-2

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Through her projects, and with great independence with regard to her contemporaries and the critics, she anticipated the eternal movement of sensitivities, optimizing the relation between space and furniture, defying conventions and uses, and advocating a return to emotion.

From her lacquer interior designs for Madame Mathieu Lévy to the villa E 1027, modernist masterpiece conceived with Jean Badovici, by way of Tempe a Pailla, her home, a “room of one’s own,” she allowed herself unprecedented creative license, reinventing a new art of living at every stage of design, celebrating the secret relations between people and their environment by blending different modes of expression. Irish born in 1878, Eileen Gray was one of the most emblematic figures of the Art Deco and Modernist movements.

Table of contents: 5 Preface, Michael Likierman, President Association Cap Moderne // 6 Foreword Serge Lavisgnes, President of the Centre Pompidou // 9 Eileen Gray, the eternal movement of sensibilities, Cloé Pitiot // 15 Two apartments for Madame Juliette Mathieu Lévy Tim Benton // 23 E 1027 a house by the sea, Renaud Barrès // 37 Two redesigned Parisian interiors, optimizing space, Cloé Pitiot // 43 Tempe a Pailla, Tim Benton // 53 Lou Pérou, an Eldorado, Cloé Pitiot // 56 Biography // 58 Bibliography