Published by Paraguay Press
English / Spanish / German / French
11 x 18 cm
ISBN 978-2-918252-04-7

Price: 66 lei

A tribute to Abbie Hoffmann’s pamphlet of the same name, Steal This Book documents eleven recent performative projects by Spanish artist Dora García. Edited by the artist together with François Piron, the book presents the private correspondence of the artist with the various interpreters of the situations she sets up in the public space. It proposes a documentation of a body of work without an overview, nor an official line, since it takes neither the artist’s point of view nor the critic’s. Instead, it discloses questions, misunderstandings and arguments, making this book part suspense story, part user’s manual, part script for a stand-up comedy.

Steal This Book is presented in exhibitions as a Dora García sculpture meant to be stolen, but can also be found for purchase in selected bookstores worldwide.