Author: Edward Slopek
Published by Hato Press
208 pages
21 × 22.5 cm
ISBN 9781910239476

Price: 280 lei

A collection of recipes including savoury, sweet and drinks created by 46 internationally acclaimed chefs in response to filmic moments that bring them culinary joy. Its pages are illustrated with screenshots from the films that inspired each recipe, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the moments that captured each chefs response. From Wong Kar-wai’s intoxicating scenes in 'In the Mood for Love' to Wes Anderson’s delicate pastries in 'The Grand Budapest Hotel', restaurants and chefs have embedded the gestures, imagined aromas, flavours and memories from these scenes into their menus.

Aaron Potter
Aki Wang
Alessandro Grano
Alex Hely-Hutchinson
Anaïs van Manen
Ben Tish
Bo Songvisava
Brett Redman
Brodie Meah
Claire Ptak
Cristina Martinez
Ed McIlroy
Edoardo Pellicano
Enrique Olvera
Erchen Chang
Ferdinand Guizetti
Gabriel Waterhouse
Greg Boyce
Greg Marchand
Hannah Black & Carla Perez-Gallardo
Harry Darby
Jeremy Lee
Jitin Joshi
Johnny Drain
Jon Rotheram & Tom Harris
Jordi Roca
Leonid Shutov
Lori De Mori & Laura Jackson
Luli Shioi
Masaki Sugisak
Matt Abergel
Max Venning
May Chow & John Javier & Sam Ng
Neil Borthwick
Nelly Ben Hayoun
Nicholas Balfe
Patrick Powell
Pierre Gagnaire
Renato Giovannoni
Robin Gill
Shuko Oda
Tim Raue
Tomos Parry
Virgilio Martinez
Will Goldfarb
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