Editor: Duncan Minshull
Published by
Notting Hill Editions
172 pages
12 x 19 cm
ISBN 9781910749982

Price: 94 lei

‘Above all, do not lose your desire to walk: every day I walk myself into a state of well being and walk away from every illness.’ Soren Aaby Kierkegaard

Walking and writing have always gone together. Think of the poets who walk out a rhythm for their lines and the novelists who put their characters on a path. But the best insights, the deepest and most joyous examinations of this simple activity are to be found in non-fiction – in essays, travelogues and memoir.

Beneath My Feet: Writers On Walking rounds up the most memorable walker-writers from the 1700’s to the modern day, from country hikers to urban strollers, from the rationalists to the truly outlandish. Follow in the footsteps of William Hazlitt, George Sand, Rebecca Solnit, Will Self and dozens more. Keep up with them – and be astonished.

‘Here is a book as certain to lift the spirits as the activity to which it is dedicated: going for a walk.’
- Country Life

‘A beguiling panorama of wanderers from different eras and geographies. . . Like his subjects, Minshull wanders, lifting contributions from people all over the literary map: philosophers, novelists, essayists, critics, children’s authors.’
- New Yorker

‘One of the best anthologies of writing about walking that I’ve ever seen. Duncan Minshull has done a superb job of conveying the wild diversity that beckons readers who not only love walking but also love to read about it.’
- The Englewood Review of Books

‘This volume’s modesty of scale, as it turns out, is a plus. It’s small enough to slip in a jacket or knapsack – a portable book that can, providently, be taken out for a walk. The abiding message of Beneath My Feet is that reading, like walking and writing, is an unending source of surprise.’
- Christian Science Monitor

We at the Idler are great fans of Notting Hill Editions, an independent publisher of beautiful hardback essay collections. In Beneath My Feet the latest addition to their catalogue, radio producer and editor Duncan Minshull brings together writing on walking from Petrarch to the present day.’
- Idler

‘Higher-quality endorsements of the creative value of walking than these would be hard to find.’
- Atlantic