Artist: Belia Winnewisser
Published by
Praesens Editionen

Price: 95 lei

With her second album SODA, Belia Winnewisser continues on the path she has been following for quite some time. Few share the Swiss artist’s knack for combining a sensibility to the enthusiastic potential of pop with an interest in niche references of experimental sound design. In recent years, her feel for this fusion brought Winnewisser to the attention of the electronic club music scene. This world and the various genres related to it leave their mark on SODA: sing-along anthems like “So Real” and the densely layered drone of “They Cry of the Sirens” stand alongside the feverish dance track that gives the album its name and rave bombs like “Solen.” A year without club nights allowed Winnewisser to fully embrace her flair for pop and experimentalism, which resulted in more than a mere series of nods to different genres and acts. SODA—both as a resonant title and as a collection of music—is a direct call without hidden meanings or implicit references. It’s simply the path she’s on and the way she’s going.