Editors: César Reyes Nájera,
Blaithin Quinn
Published by dpr-barcelona
132 pages
11 x 17.5 cm
ISBN 978-84-124942-4-2

Price: 78 lei

Texts by Francesca Cocchiara and Sergios Strigklogiannis.

Contemporary mythologies are out there, in the urban chaos. Monsters, giants, constructions, spirits and creatures of all sorts tell the cities’ everyday life struggles if one is willing to listen to them. Atlas of Urban Mythologies welcomes all their voices in a collection of short stories set in seven cities across Europe: Athens, Nicosia, Tbilisi, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Basel, and Tirana. When embarking on these journeys, the narrators — and the readers — are faced with real urban issues that are revealed through the power of myths.

Francesca Cocchiara and Sergios Strigklogiannis are architects and researchers from Italy and Greece. Together they explore the complexities and challenges of cities and the diverse ways of inhabiting urban spaces. Atlas of Urban Mythologies is supported by the dpr-barcelona LINA Writing Award 2022.