Author: Anna Tsing,
Heather Anne Swanson,
Elaine Gan,
Nils Bubandt
Published by
University of Minnesota Press
368 pages
14 x 23 cm
ISBN 9781517902377

Price: 148 lei

Living on a damaged planet challenges who we are and where we live. This timely anthology calls on twenty eminent humanists and scientists to revitalize curiosity, observation, and transdisciplinary conversation about life on earth.

As human-induced environmental change threatens multispecies livability, Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet puts forward a bold proposal: entangled histories, situated narratives, and thick descriptions offer urgent “arts of living.” Included are essays by scholars in anthropology, ecology, science studies, art, literature, and bioinformatics who posit critical and creative tools for collaborative survival in a more-than-human Anthropocene. The essays are organized around two key figures that also serve as the publication’s two openings: Ghosts, or landscapes haunted by the violences of modernity; and Monsters, or interspecies and intraspecies sociality. Ghosts and Monsters are tentacular, windy, and arboreal arts that invite readers to encounter ants, lichen, rocks, electrons, flying foxes, salmon, chestnut trees, mud volcanoes, border zones, graves, radioactive waste—in short, the wonders and terrors of an unintended epoch.

Contributors: Karen Barad, Kate Brown, Carla Freccero, Peter Funch, Scott F. Gilbert, Deborah M. Gordon, Donna J. Haraway, Andreas Hejnol, Ursula K. Le Guin, Marianne Elisabeth, Andrew Mathews, Margaret McFall-Ngai, Ingrid M. Parker, Mary Louise Pratt, Anne Pringle, Deborah Bird Rose, Dorion Sagan, Lesley Stern, Jens-Christian Svenning.