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The Romance of the Trees sees Pleasure Garden wander into the forest where we uncover the special relationship we have with trees—their deep roots that run through our unconscious. In the Beginning—The Tree of Life opens the issue with Alison Morris considering the cultural metaphors, symbolism and role the tree plays in our worldview. Ernest Henry Wilson our Icon, is a man who hunted far and wide in search of new trees to bring to the West. His road trips around New England in the 1920s, documenting the remarkable elms there, stirred us to undertake our own. Yoshiyuki Matsumara headed to Upstate New York taking in the autumn tones, whilst Linda Brownlee visited the giants of California. The annual Hastings Jack in the Green festival is photographed by Jo Metson Scott and Nina Lyon shares with us the forest personified in the Green Man. Palm Court by Joss McKinley and Marisa Competello captures the fantasy of these spaces of a bygone era and the enchantment of the palm tree. We visit Mumbai with Bharat Sikka and consider the concept of the urban forest with Cecil Konijnendijk.