Editors: Isabelle Bucklow,
Hannah Woods
Published by
Motor Dance Journal
13 x 18 cm

Price: 108 lei

The Solo is the first of motor's three-part series dedicated to dance and writing about dance. The Solo considers the creative, personal and social possibilities of dancing on one’s own. It features a diverse array of dancers, artists, curators and writers, including Gillian Wearing, Catherine Wood, Siobhan Davies, Rose English, Lucinda Chua, Candela Capitán, Stephanie LaCava and many more, on themes as varied as the choreographies of cruising, to paparazzi shots of Brittany Murphy outside a ballet class.

motor is a magazine dedicated to dance and writing about dance.

It aims to expand and interrogate how dance is framed and make it more accessible to wider audiences. motor explores the choreographic potentiality of writing about dance and gives dance a space of critical endurance. We consider dance as a distinctive vantage point through which to encounter art and the world, and as a means to enact and reshape structures of knowledge. (49)_v3.jpg (48)_v4.jpg (47)_v6.jpg (41)_v10.jpg (50)_v3.jpg (46)_v7.jpg (45)_v7.jpg (44)_v7.jpg (40)_v15.jpg (43)_v9.jpg (42)_v9.jpg (39)_v14.jpg