LOG 50

Published by Anyone Corporation
256 pages
17 x 23 cm
ISBN 9780999237380

Price: 90 lei

From the economic to the political, from public health to the climate, models seem to run the world. In architecture, the model is no longer just a physical tool for conceptualizing or representing architects’ visions but must also encompass digital and 3D-printed models, data and artificial intelligence models, business models, educational models, and even engage the discipline’s own questionable history in establishing role models. A thematic issue, Log 50: Model Behavior interrogates models in this expanded sense: what are their values, their behaviors, and the behaviors they elicit. In a record-setting 256 pages, 39 authors, ranging from established architectural thinkers to up-and-coming practitioners, examine the role of the model in architecture today through critical essays, conversations, observations, projects, and provocations.


Stan Allen, “Thinking in Models”

Sean Anderson, “Compound Tenses”

Phil Bernstein, “Canonical Models of Architecture”

Cynthia Davidson, “Notes on a Concept: Model Behavior”

Joe Day, “One to One”

Penelope Dean, “Business, Actually”

Dora Epstein Jones, “Models In and Out”

David Erdman, “Mottle Behavior”

David Eskenazi, “Tired . . . and Behaving Poorly”

Marshall Ford, “Blue Foam”

Forensic Architecture, “Operative Models”

Todd Gannon, “Mind the Gaps! Toward a Pedagogy of Models and a Model Pedagogy”

Erik Herrmann, “Role Play”

Eric Höweler, “Verify in Field: Models and Other Useful Fictions”

Christian Hubert, “Model Behavior?”

Ferda Kolatan, “The Chunk Model”

Jimenez Lai, “Ephemeral Models’ Permanent Ghosts”

Mark Lee & Sharon Johnston, “Models and Models of Models”

Alice Loumeau, “The World Model”

John McMorrough, “Not a Role, Model”

Michael Meredith, “A Conversation about Models”

Kiel Moe, “Architectural Agnotology & Broken World Models”

Rizal Muslimin, “Computational Puppets”

Jason Rhys Parry, “Simulating an Assassination: Four Explosion Models”

Shane Reiner-Roth, “Internet Browser”

Jesse Reiser, “Voodoo”

Paulette Singley, “Dollhouses and Other Bad Objects”

Tyler Survant, “Modeling and Remodeling the Oval Office”

Patrick Templeton, “A Model Painter: Behind the Scenes with Amy Bennett”

Neyran Turan, “Unnatural Models”

Tom Wiscombe & Marrikka Trotter, “The Inner Life of Models”

Andrew Witt, “Shadowplays: Models, Drawings, Cognitions”

Kechao Xiang, Log of Curiosity

And observations on a model education, a model city, natural models, a border model, and the Chicago model . . .