FOI #4

Edited by Graphomat design studio
Published by Galeria Posibilă
104 pages + insert 50 x 70 cm
23.5 x 32 cm
Pantone Silver + CMYK
ISSN 2602-0432

Price: 50 lei

This 4th issue of Foi interviews a dearth of talent from the graphic and editorial design world, both in Romania and throughout Europe. Gabriel Barbu talks about his experience as a graphic designer working in the most renowned printing house in Romania. Swiss graphic designer Ludovic Balland takes us on a journey of good typography and Maximage introduces us to the world of color reproduction. Dutch graphic designer Hans Gremmen talks about his experience in the book design industry and the space he opened dedicated to books. Romanian literary magazines take us on a trip through history and culture.

A bonus 50 x 70 cm colour poster insert is by Miruna Radovici, who experiments with color and drawing. The pioneering Romanian/English magazine showcases designers, artists, photographers, printmakers, and researchers.

Contributions by Nicoleta Radu, David Keshavjee, Alice Voinea, Gabriel Barbu, Alexandra Manole, Ludovic Balland, Ramona Chirica, Sorina Vazelina, Corina Cotorobai, Hans Gremmen, Raymond Bobar, Ovidiu Hrin, Alin Tămășan, Adelina Butnaru, Sorin Trăistaru, Rudi Ramos, Jose Arroyo, Jerome Bizien, Monica Dănilă, Petre Mogoș, Laura Naum, Ioana Trușcă, Maria Bălan, Superserios, Bianca Dumitrașcu, Ionuț Rădulescu, Vlad Albu.