22.5 x 29 cm
264 pages

Price: 78 lei

We have titled this summer issue DISPLACEMENT. In thinking about all the declinations the word can have with respect to a humanity increasingly in crisis, more than any other we have highlighted the disconnection from our corporeality as human beings and a widening gaze, from the bios (human) toward new zoo/geo/technological subjectivities, that has set in motion other categories of actors and complex networks of affective relations.

The cover stories in this issue are dedicated to Tishan Hsu and Louisa Gagliardi. Both worldviews present a restlessness: Gagliardi’s resulting from a sense of dissatisfaction or unhappiness, and Hsu’s from an attempt to read “what is happening internally in this new interface we increasingly inhabit, between the body and technology.” Throughout the issue, we offer a neo-materialist view of life that rejects any form of undifferentiated and flat ontology, choosing to relocate anthropomorphic subjects by subtracting them from any pretense toward exceptionality.

IN THIS ISSUE -> Tishan Hsu: Body Currents by Franklin Melendez ◯ When Your Smile Is So Wide and Your Heels Are So High: The Paintings of Louisa Gagliardi by Louisa Elderton ◯ One to Watch. Berenice Olmedo: The Myth of Autonomy by Jane Ursula Harris ◯ Profile. A Forever Refugee: Demna by Charlie Robin Jones ◯ Beyond the Limits of Empirical Knowledge: Marguerite Humeau’s New Ways of Thinking and Making by Adriana Blidaru ◯ Visual Essay. Wet-on-Wet-on-Wet-on-Wet. A collage of work by Jenna Sutela ◯ No Word Can Hold A Person. Isabel Parkes in Conversation with Rindon Johnson ◯ Misalignment Identities: Raphaela Vogel by Eleonora Milani ◯ Stepping Towards Something Like an Experience: The Wu Tsang’s Moby Dick. A Conversation with Noam Segal ◯ Letter from the city by Pavlo Makov ◯ Questionnaire. Artists at Risk: A Conversation with Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen by Frank Wasser