120 pages
20 × 29 cm

Price: 66 lei

Jouissance: hold it in your hands, steamy hot Extra Extra magazine’s festive Tenth Edition. You can feel the presence of luscious and seductive voices, together with Allan Tannenbaum, we travel in time and revive Studio 54.

Featuring an array of lingering interviews and art works, fashion designer Victor Barragán shares on boredom and ruffling expectations with Nadine Botha; filmmaker Bertrand Mandico talks with Nicholas Elliott who accompanies the reader to an island of pleasures in Les Garçons Sauvages; a visual absurdity sorely performed by the art of Roger Ballen & Asger Carlsen’s photographs; Charlotte Scheiffert’s drawings on vegetative blossoming and corporeal metamorphosis. The virtual flesh of Ed Atkins interferes in between words and pages with Natasha Hoare in a conversation on abject bodies, incorporeality and literary inspirations; brought together with fanciful drawings by Joep van Lieshout; and Sam Steverlynck’s Some Thoughts On the dying art of peep shows. Performance artist Ieva Misevičiūtė sticks out her tongue and discusses on tangents, verticality, everyday pleasures with Fatos Ustek, the tongue, a lavish subject further explored by writer and filmmaker Agnieszka Piotrowska within the pool of monstrous passions to be found through cinematic references in our new Essay feature Tentacular Thinking; Nelson Morales’ exclusive photographs of the sexual eclectic; and the erotic volatility of Phumzile Khanyile’s photographs;

Come and lose yourself in the exclusive series of erotic short stories, which brings together the most delicious minds we know in Dutch literature including; Maria Barnas, Oscar van den Boogaard, Alma Mathijsen, Astrid H. Romer, Alfred Schaffer, Ivo Victoria, Daniël Vis, Kira Wuck.

Extra Extra’s five years anniversary, it’s a Sugar Rush, Fatos Ustek invited friends, artists, and previous contributors to share bites of everyday exuberance, sexy anecdotes, and sensual gestures.

We land on the edges of Barcelona’s bristly poetry with the Urbex by Laura Sangrà, staring at the sky’s flaming tassels until the dawn of decadence.