160 pages
21 x 28 cm

Price: 75 lei

With three brand new covers by DIS, Anne Imhof and Nora Turato, CURA.’s new issue #37 intertwines the themes of After Language and Post Society, and explores the way in which the radical change in the economic, political, cultural, linguistic and emotional structures that define our present is called upon to identify alternative and functional models for the advancement of “new.”

In a constant alternation between destruction and creation, nihilism and propulsion, participation and absence, specificity and massification, contemporary artistic language reinterprets the capitulation of all models and the definition of new scenarios of a history constantly aimed at overcoming its paradoxes and the assumptions that generated it.

“The meteor that killed the dinosaurs sent up a tsunami of mud and fishes from Mexico to South Dakota like in American movies where a tornado picks up a cow and carries it across the screen. That is what they wanted it to be like: their own personal catastrophe made total, with an audience in a dark room watching and feeling for them. They wanted time to go forward and insisted that their beginning was The Beginning and so their end would be The End and all of humanity was them, collective fault arising from a singular start. Cells which clumped together and grew nano-intentionality, a story of blame and stupidity and always, always an apocalypse.” (Ava Tomasula y Garcia)

The new issue revolves around unpublished contributions and writings by Achille Bonito Oliva and Vittoria Matarrese on Anne Imhof; a take-over by Simon Denny who, in conversation with Elena Filipovic, investigates the blockchain system and the digital economy; a site-specific project by Nora Turato and Sabo Day; the preview of the new DIS movie, No Homo, introduced by Ava Tomasula y Garcia; Beichen Yang’s text on the concept of New Man in Cao Fei’s work; Francesca Gavin on Sex Militant, the project carried out by a collective of artists and activists committed to sexual revolution and liberation; Adriana Blidaru on New Red Order (NRO), the “public secret society” collaborating with “informants,” to subversively yet earnestly interrogate desires toward indigeneity. And also: a special project conceived by David Horvitz; a vocabulary of images extracted from the Warburg atlas generated by artificial intelligence and taken from the book Atlas Anomalous AI by Ben Vickers and K Allado-McDowell; a conversation by Slavs and Tatars and Ingrid Luquet-Gad and aLifveForms in dialogue with the philosopher and writer Samo Tomšič.

In the Portraits section: Hana Miletić is presented by Chus Martínez; Rose Salane by Camila Palomino; Rachel Rossin by Lola Kramer; Yein Lee by Johanna Thorell, and Jonny Negron by Whitney Mallett.