CTM 2019

21 x 30 cm
104 pages

Price: 48 lei

CTM's annual magazine provides a number of entry points into its theme, courtesy of various music journalists, researchers, theorists, and artists.

For Persistence, this year's magazine addresses the resilience of music communities; practices that push back against colonial legacies in music; the role of sonic cultures amidst tumultuous times; and activism in popular music. The 2019 edition unites a range of voices, practices, and ideas in interrogating, examining, and documenting various perspectives on Persistence. Interviews with and essays by individual artists round out the publication.

CTM 2019 – Persistence

Jon Davies

On Loop and in the Crossfade: Music in the Age of Mass Persistence
Josh Kun

Trans-mitting Black Resistance
Tai Linhares in Conversation with Linn da Quebrada

"All That is Solid Melts Into PR:" On Persistence, Resilience, and Autonomy in Music
Ollie Zhang

All United
IC3PEAK in Conversation with Mariana Berezovska

The Radical Elasticity of Sound
Salomé Voegelin

Failing at the Impossible: Attempts at Embodying Matriarchy
An Interview with Nguyễn + Transitory by Kamila Metwaly

Pop, Politics, and Persistence: Popular Culture Between Delimitation and Activism
Luise Wolf

We Are the Halluci Nation: An Interview with Bear Witness of A Tribe Called Red
Lindsay Nixon

Microtonality and the Struggle for Fretlessness in the Digital Age
Khyam Allami

Arkestrated Rhythmachine Komplexities: Machinic Geisterstunde and Post-Soul Persistencies

200 bpm Orgasm Club Music
Gabber Modus Operandi in Conversation with Jan Rohlf

Jogja Noise Bombing: The Spirit of Street Noise
Indra Menus & Sean Stellfox

Peeping Through a Frown: A Dérive Through the Punk Continuum
Tim Tetzner

Encounters with Beelzebub's Organs – Quellgeister #3: Bussd
Stefan Fraunberger