192 pages
21 x 25 cm

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The second issue of Al Hayya attempts to tackle the intersection between the body of the individual and that of the land that carries it. ⁣

Historically subjected to land theft, migration, and displacement, the often bitter question of land and belonging blends with the daily life of the Arab, as well as that of every person whose soil was a target of colonization. This form of abuse and exploitation transforms not only the land itself, but the experience of the individuals who care for it, live from it, and within it. ⁣

Colonization breeds other forms of subjugation, disturbing every aspect of the lives of people touched by it, as well as the lives and offerings of their ancestors before them. Today, with the pressing cry for environmental awareness and liberation, our connection with earth transcends our understanding of land and belonging to another level. ⁣

What are some of the many correlations between our body and that of the earth? Can the fight for land liberation be unified on all fronts, and develop into the fight against modern colonization, capitalism and heteropatriarchy? How do these subjects and themes correlate?⁣

In this issue, contributors reflect on the multiplicity of relations to land, borders, and the public space. We ask what this connection entails when it comes to gender, migration, land sovereignty, work, and being.