Edited by: Helmut Schmid,
Basel School of Design
Published by
Lars Müller Publishers
226 pages, 23 × 30 cm
ISBN 978-3-03778-541-6

Price: 240 lei

The celebrated and much sought-after issue of the magazine idea focusing on a towering figure in Swiss graphic design, Emil Ruder, is now in print again. idea is a renowned Japanese magazine on international graphic art and typography. Its 333rd edition lent 226 pages to Emil Ruder, showcasing his work, influence, and legacy in the world of typography and beyond.

It brings together essays, discussions, and appraisals from fellow designers, typographers, and artists – yielding a comprehensive survey of Ruder’s accomplishments. It engages with the designer’s many years of work and teaching in Basel, his thirty years as publisher of the famous Typografische Monatsblätter as well as his posters, fonts, and philosophy.

The extraordinary and comprehensive presentation of the life and works of Swiss typographic legend Emil Ruder sold out shortly after coming off the press. Initially published in 2009 the issue is now available in its original version complemented by commentaries from Michael Renner and Lars Müller.