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Koenig Books
168 pages
24.5 x 29.5 cm
ISBN 978-3-96098-869-4

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Texts by Rachel Corbett, Enzo Cucchi, Erwin Kessler & Karl Holmqvist

"Ripeness is black with Victor Man. His greys and modulated blacks are non-minimalist, anti-hard edge. They are alien to the uniform, pigmentary, black paintings of Motherwell, Kline, Newman, or Still, which originate in a conceptually sensorial take on color. Man's work also differs from the overlytextured, narcissistic, and self-consciously hand-crafted blacks of Hartung or Soulages. The blue-green-black tones in Victor Man are figments rather than pigments. They are reminiscent of the medieval grisaille, that consummate technique for encapsulating a dazzling, colorful world of apparitions into infinite shades of grey and blacks."