Editors: Magda Radu,
Georg Schöllhammer.
Published by JRP Ringier
400 pages
22 x 28 cm
ISBN 978-3-03764-583-3

Price: 260 lei

This monograph explores Paul Neagu's manifold artistic practice which includes performance, sculpture, exhibition display, drawing, painting, video, photography, and poetry, within an original, holistic, metaphysical view on art. His aim was to develop a visual idiom that would be understood across cultures, but the demands and investigations of which are complex. This volume reevaluates his importance in London's cosmopolitan artistic scene since the early 1970s and examines how his work was informed both by Western and Eastern avant-gardes. Only recently has his oeuvre, transcending artistic "disciplines," navigating between cultural contexts, juggling along the way an impressive number of intellectual and artistic references, become an important source of inspiration for young artists, curators, and intellectuals.

Gathering newly commissioned essays by art historians and curators Ivana Bago, David Crowley, Tom Holert, André Lepecki, Friedemann Malsch, Anca Oroveanu, Ileana Pintilie, Magda Radu, Yehuda Emmanuel Safran, Kristine Stiles, and Diana Ursan, the book testifies the numerous ways to approach Neagu's art and thinking and capture the rich fabric of his life. A detailed appendix comprising a glossary, an anthology of theoretical texts and manifestos, and a chronology and analysis of the artist's notebooks completes this valuable tome.