Institutions by Artists

Edited by Jeff Khonsary & Kristina Lee Podesva
Published by Fillip Editions
English / French
380 pages, 11.5 x 19cm
ISBN: 978-1-927354-02-5

Price: 90 lei

This book conceptualizes institutions by artists and compiles multiple, international narratives that materialize this concept. Institutions by artists is "loosely defined as the co-articulation of artists and their institutions via processes of sociality and mutuality. Operating visibly in Canada for well over four decades within the framework of artist-run centres and the pursuit of artistic self-determiantion, and over a similar period in the United States under the banner of "alternative spaces," the practice of institutions by artists occurs formally and informally elsewhere around the world under different rubrics, some of which are discussed in this anthology. Together, the texts in this book signify a small but not inconsequential, shift in thinking about the instituion of art and thus deterritorialize its discursive formation by wresting it from the gallery and museum, and relocating it in a field of relations among artists living and working in the world."

Includes texts by: Vincent Bonin, AA Bronson, Barnaby Drabble, Luis Camnitzer, Makan Space, Pelin Tan, Vector Association, Anton Vidokle, Keith Wallace, Pan Wendt