Edited by Iosif Kiraly, Raluca Oancea Nestor, Raluca Paraschiv Ionescu
Publisher: UNARTE
150 pages, 20 x 26 cm
ISBN: 978-606-720-041-6

Retail price: €18

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Agriculture, Nature: Human Intervention, Palace, House, Field, Crop, Tree, River, Sea Coast, Rural Environment, Rustic, Soil, Vegetation, Ecosistem, Meadow, Farm Animals, Shepherd, Farmer, Veterinarian, Agricultural Engineer, Trucks; Religion, Cults: Church, Synagogue, Tora, Graveyard, Minister, Priest, Cross, Confession, Object of Worship, Cathedral, The Cathedral of National Redemption, Parishioner, Religious Holiday; Monuments, National Identity, Marks of Time: History, Memory, Statue, War, Soldier, Cultural Venue, City Hall, Minority, Ethnic Group, Roma Community, Jewish Community, Communism, Capitalism, Romania, Romanian Flag, National Heroes, Banal Nationalism; Tourism, Leisure: Hotel, Restaurant, Menu, Swimming Pool, Fishing, Public Bath, Pension, Barbeque, Fanfair, Carrousel, Fast Food, Tradition, Custom; Sports, Health: Football, Bicycle, Sports Field, Hospital, Pacient, Treatment, Pills, Sanitation, Pharmacy, Drugstore, Surgery Table, Sanatorium, Doctor, Nurse; Commerce, Trade, Craft, Surveillance, Security: Goods, Merchandise, Shop, Store, Mall, Hypermarket, Flea Market, Old Trades, Butcher Shop, Corner Shop, Mall, Boutique, Owner, Bank, Loan, Informal Trade; Urban Analysis: Dweller, Billboards, Neighbourhood, Street, Car, Automobile, Lorry, Public Space, Private Space, Traffic, Double Glazed Windows (Thermopane), Apartment Block, Advertising Billboard, Urban Furniture, Crowded Areas, Fairs, Flea Market, Park, Playground, Owner, Tenant; Peripheral Routes, Railway Stations, Transportation: Gas Station, Bus Stop, Road, “Dacia” Car, Tourist, Train, Engine, Transit, Commuters, Parking Lot, Motorway, Warehouse, Hangar, Highway, Petrol, Tire, Bridge, Viaduct, Public Transportation, Peripheral Landscapes; Industrial Landscape: Coal Mine, Ruins, Water Tower, Worker, Mining Area, Europallets, Signs, Placards, Silo, Wagon, Pipe, Machinery, Motor, Working Band, Shipyard, Quarry Exploitation, Concrete Slabs, Privatization, Industrial Park, Miner, Executive Director.