Edited by Aaron Moulton
Published by Nicodim Press
112 pages, 20.5x25.5 cm
Print run: 666

Price: €38

Do you like ghost stories? Want some new nightmares?

The invocation of Omul Negru at Galeria Nicodim in Bucharest, and then again with its resurrection at Nicodim Gallery in Los Angeles was an alignment of anthropology, ritual magic and sacrilegious geometry set inside curatorial red rooms. The corresponding codex is at once a grimoire and a folklore as much as it is an exhibition catalogue and an anthology of evil. It will define a new kind of pornography and should not be treated lightly as it possesses the most evil representations of humankind's darkest nadir.

The book contains texts from Aaron Moulton, Alissa Bennett, Dr. Philip Zimbardo, Reverend Jim Jones, Albert Fish, et al.

Artists: Daniel Albrigo, Will Boone, Mike Bouchet, BREYER P-ORRIDGE, Günter Brus, Brian Butler, Church of Euthanasia, John Duncan, Damien Echols, Brock Enright, Bob Flanagan, John Wayne Gacy, Ed Gein, Adrian Ghenie, Douglas Gordon, John Houck, Jim Jones, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Ted Kaczynski, Daniel Keller, Mike Kelley, Marco Lavagetto, Lazaros, Tala Madani, Lionel Maunz, Asger Kali Mason Ravnkilde Moulton, Alban Muja, Ciprian Muresan, Steven Parrino, Hamid Piccardo, Ana Prvački, Jon Rafman, Sheree Rose, Sterling Ruby, Benja Sachau, Max Hooper Schneider, Richard Serra, Robert Therrien, Banks Violette, Ecaterina Vrana, Zhou Yilun.

Better not step upon a crack
Boogeyman put you in his sack!

Break a mirror or spill some salt
Boogeyman says it’s all your fault!

His face in the shadows, breathe on your neck
You know he’s behind you, so don’t turn your back!

Walk under a ladder or see a black cat
Boogeyman says you’re tasty and fat!

Up from under your bed, there is no safe place
The last thing you'll see is the Boogeyman's face!

If I should die before I wake
Boogeyman gets my soul to take!

Run as far and fast as you can
There is no escaping the Boogeyman!