Editor: Francesco Urbano Ragazzi
Published by Cura Books
224 pages
19 x 27.5 cm
English / Italian
ISBN 978-88-99776 -38-1

Price: 100 lei

Texts by
Francesco Urbano Ragazzi, Hollis Melton, P. Adams Sitney, Ieva Jasinskaite, Philipp Scheid.

This catalog was published on the occasion of the exhibition Jonas Mekas. Images Are Reala curated by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi and realized at Mattatoio, Roma in collaboration with the Lithuanian Culture Institute and the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Rome.

Jonas Mekas, Images Are Real collects sixty years of activity of Jonas Mekas (Biržai 1922 – New York 2019) within and beyond the history of avant-garde cinema. Through a wide selection of works from the 1960s to the late 1910s, the book aims to read the Lithuanian filmmaker’s work as a Dantean journey from the hell of History to happiness through an everyday film exercise. The title of the exhibition and catalog is a quote taken from the film Out-takes From the Life of a Happy Man, in which the artist’s voice-over reflects himself, “Memories are passed, but images are here, and images are real!”
Completing the volume are a collection of texts by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi, Hollis Melton, P. Adams Sitney, Ieva Jasinskaite, and Philipp Scheid.

“Jonas Mekas lived far more than a life, not just because he turned the one it fell to him to live into the daily medium of his cinema but also because if we set all the events in his life in a row, we get the impression that Jonas lived many more lives than just one.
Born in Biržai, Lithuania, in 1922 and raised in the neighboring village of Semeniškiai, Mekas began at a very early age to write poetry and to keep a diary, two literary genres that were to mark his destiny as a filmmaker but not only as that. He began to pen pieces for the culture pages of two local magazines while still in his teens, but in the meantime World War II had broken out and Lithuania was occupied militarily, first by the Soviet Union (1940–41) and then by Nazi Germany …”
– Francesco Urbano Ragazzi