Author: Matteo Ghidoni
Publisher: bruno
76 pages
21 x 28 cm
Stapled book + folder
ISBN 9788899058555
Price: 60 lei

Cabins is the outcome of Matteo Ghidoni’s theoretical and critical research on “being”. Relying on architectural drawing, and through the investigation of a human's most basic needs, Ghidoni produces ten abstractions of architecture, dedicated to the care of body and soul.
Cabins are not residential units as described by modern architecture; they do not impose fixed domestic functions although they anticipate potential daily actions by organizing them around a certain minimum number of elements: a bathtub, a sitting area, a shower, a shelf, and little more.
The sober character of the project is defined by the drawing exercise, bound to essential principles imposed on the sheet: the rigorous use of axonometry, the grid system for cladding, the repetition of standardized elements. They all come together describing the self imposed and subtly circumvented rules of the game.