Edited by Jack Self
Published by The Real Foundation

Price: 58 lei

The first edition of Real Review, featuring an interview with Lord Palumbo on Mies’ only UK project; Bifo Berardi reviews Baudrillard; Olly Wainwright reviews North Korea; Peggy Deamer reviews Lazzarato; Matteo Pasquinelli reviews Paul Mason. Also includes texts by Leo Hollis, Sam Jacob, Pier Vittorio Aureli, Edwin Heathcote, Jesse Seegers, Supervoid, Alfredo Thiermann, Ana Naomi de Sousa, Cassim Shepard, Jack Self, Manuel Shvartzberg and Nicholas de Klerk.

REAL is a cultural foundation with a double mission of critical inquiry and cultural production. REAL conducts original research to promote innovation in the built environment. Their methodology uses analysis and critique to present bold propositions and credible alternatives to conventional practice. They aim to influence how and where we live, and the conditions of that life.